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A few haiku

Two years ago, I created 365 haiku as a way of challenging myself to write daily, no matter how few words.

Here are some of my favorites.

Sometimes I feel like the sane lifeboat amidst a sea of lunacy

As the flame of life burns, a pattern breaks through the edge of consciousness.

The wake of buried seconds pushes ripples through the masses on shore.

The leavings of those so ingrained in cultural settings, taints the ripe

burgeoning thoughts of potential. Ever-trapped, the cyclical road is

still traveled, now packaged in appetizing wrapping. Seemingly,

the alteration offers bright, shining hope. The kind you lost when you

realized life was but a phase. Witnessed daily, I cringe thinking of the now.

The delivery of the unforeseen truth of existence arrives

in the most mundane of ways. The resignation experienced when

ignorance becomes a solid choice rather than stumbled happenstance.

The turbulence forced down as realization starts to creep under the

vulnerable walls of shoddily stitched rapport that was fraudulent

from the beginning. When eyes glazed with panic desperately seek

atonement for those misdeeds which began in the past, but will now

move into today. Blink and it all goes away. Shake your head to clear

the frightening thoughts of your own power. Because continuance on

the path of true awakening is really quite simple. Move not

forward with forwardness in mind. Venture ahead with empathy clutched tight.